Chief Executive Officer 

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing clear direction for the NHBP Tribal government organization. Under the direction of the NHBP Tribal Council, current CEO Barry Skutt Jr. ensures effective and efficient management of government functions and programs, and acts as a liaison with community organizations, outside agencies and other governments.

Skutt is a Tribal Member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and earned a master’s degree in general administration from Central Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Saginaw Valley State University.

Prior to NHBP, Skutt held several positions within the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, including the Director of Utilities, where he oversaw the Electrical Department, Waste Water and Portable Water Plants, Campground and Pow Wow Grounds, and had Maintenance and Janitorial oversight of the Tribal Operations and Public Safety Buildings.

Skutt oversees the development and execution of NHBP’s long-term goals, including the 5 Year Strategic Plan. Through careful strategy and execution, Skutt leads the decision-making process, always focusing on how decisions will affect NHBP Tribal Members.

Health and Safety Officer

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for maintaining the occupational health and safety of the NHBP Tribal government. Currently, the Officer oversees risk management and protection services for both the Pine Creek and Grand Rapids locations.

The Health and Safety Officer administers protection services including designing program architecture for fire protection and suppression, access control, intrusion detection, physical protection, as well as code review and compliance. The Officer also oversees emergency preparedness, in cooperation with Tribal government departments, and creates an emergency preparedness process to address a number of possible responses to a variety of emergency scenarios.

The Health and Safety Officer manages hazard mitigation training including training in the areas of safety, first aid, CPR, AED, emergency response, and industrial safety, as well as community information distribution. The Officer also designs programs that meet Tribal Code requirements for worker safety, conducts workplace safety inspections and conducts injury reviews. The Officer partners with first responders and designs internal processes to reduce exposure to NHBP Tribal Members, employees, community members, and visitors in the case of a variety of emergency scenarios.

Barry Skutt, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Goergen

Health and Safety Officer