Tribal Prosecutor

When a criminal violation is reported on Tribal Trust Land, the NHBP Tribal Police conduct an investigation. Once completed, the matter is referred to the Tribal Prosecutor to determine whether criminal charges will be filed.

If charges are filed in Tribal Court, the NHBP Tribal Prosecutor has the responsibility of representing the NHBP Nation and seeking justice on behalf of the community.

Due to the complex issues involving federal, state and Tribal jurisdiction, not all cases can be filed in the NHBP Tribal Court. If a criminal case cannot be filed in the Tribal Court, the Tribal Prosecutor collaborates with county, state, federal and local law enforcement agencies to help ensure Tribal citizens, community members, visitors and Tribal property are given the proper protections under the law.

NHBP Tribal Police Department

NHBP Tribal Prosecutor

Katrina Kapture