It is the responsibility of the NHBP Finance Department to ensure the stability of its government’s finances, including accounting, budgeting and purchasing obligations, in an effort to provide stable financial security for the next Seven Generations of the NHBP Community.

The Finance Department manages NHBP’s annual budget, cash and investments. It is also responsible for processing NHBP’s Tribal government accounts payable, payroll and administering per capita distributions to NHBP Tribal Members. The Finance Department also prepares financial reports and analysis for both the NHBP Tribal Council and NHBP Tribal government administrative staff, as required by federal and state grants.


Finance Director Dan Crouch
dan.crouch@nhbp-nsn.gov or 269.704.8390

Vendors: accountant@nhbp-nsn.gov

Per capita distribution inquiries: percap@nhbp-nsn.gov

All other finance inquires: finance@nhbp-nsn.gov