April: Alcohol Awareness Month

Apr 1, 2021 | Blog, Health

In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, NHBP Behavioral Health shines a spotlight on alcohol/drug dependency and recovery and how Tribal Members struggling with substance abuse can begin their recovery with Behavioral Health services at an NHBP Health Facility.

The Behavioral Health program is easily accessible, making it fairly simple to obtain detox and/or inpatient treatment. All Members need to do is contact Behavioral Health Case Manager David Beatty, who works out of the Pine Creek Health Facility.

“I have an informal conversation with the Member, try and help them feel listened to, see what they desire, and then give them options,” Beatty said. “I work out the communication between the individual, the treatment program and Forest County Potawatomi.”

Tribal Members can choose any program, anywhere in the country. Beatty is able to book the flight on behalf of the Tribal Member, and assist with transportation and other scheduling components. Oftentimes, Beatty is able to complete this in less than 24 hours, even when facing several conflicts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I currently have three patients in South Dakota and six in southern California,” Beatty said. “I stay with them in the process from A-Z and continue support after treatment, as well. I’m their case manager in their pocket and advocate for them continuously.”

Members may also choose to attend a Virtual Wellbriety Recovery group meeting once per week to help with their recovery journey.

For inpatient treatment or accessing detox services, please contact Case Manager David Beatty at 269.986.9019, the Pine Creek Health Facility at 269.729.4422, or the Grand Rapids Health Facility at 616. 249.0159.

STAY TUNED for another post about a Tribal Member who shares her journey to recovery.


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