Food Sovereignty Releases Second Season of Video Series

Each Episode Features an Indigenous Recipe by Chef Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena

Revitalizing Neshnabék Culture through its Food Sovereignty program remains a top priority at NHBP. But oftentimes, people struggle to get started by simply preparing and cooking Traditional food.

To help Tribal Members overcome this struggle, NHBP Food Sovereignty has launched its second season of Food Sovereignty videos. Each video features a different recipe prepared by Chef Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena, also known as BossLady Anish (Citizen Band Potawatomi).

A renowned Indigenous Chef, author and presenter, Mattena demonstrates how to prepare Traditional ingredients into beautiful, yet simple and wholesome dishes for the entire family, and the sense of enjoyment and purpose goes both ways.

“It has also been such a joy to see so many taking the foods that they put into their bodies more seriously, returning to the Indigenous foods that our bodies and DNA recognizes,” said Mattena. “Witnessing so many become healthier and more empowered by the foods that fill their bellies, bodies and spirits is a huge joy for me. Knowing that our relatives will live longer and healthier because of the empowerment of food sovereignty fills my heart and spirit with purpose and keeps me going.”

Mattena envisions the process of cooking to be a family-oriented event. “Make sure you bring your children in on making this recipe!” she advises in the first video where she whips up Mskobaskbegit Mewewyak {Redbud and Maple Syrup} muffins.

Each video runs 10 to 30 minutes long, depending on how long each recipe takes to create. They were all filmed at the Pine Creek Community Center, but with a broad audience in mind.

“By showcasing Jody’s recipes on an online video channel, NHBP Food Sovereignty can easily connect with our Tribal Members who live anywhere,” said NHBP Food Sovereignty Coordinator and Tribal Member Nickole Keith. “We are constantly seeking ways to connect and learn with those who live both on and off The Rez. We should all have access to the Traditional ways of our Ancestors.” 

The first episode of Season II launched on Sunday, March 24, featuring  Mskobaskbegit Mewewyak {Redbud and Maple Syrup} Muffins.

The second episode launched on Monday, April 22, on Earth Day, featuring Mdamnabo {Corn Soup}, and the third episode is slated for release in summer 2024.

Keith encourages anyone interested in learning more about Food Sovereignty at NHBP to follow the Facebook group at NHBP Food Sovereignty | Facebook or contact her for more information at


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