NHBP Team Members Complete Dale Carnegie® Program

Advancing Skills in the “5 Drivers of Success”

Congratulations to the 13 NHBP Team Members who completed the renowned Dale Carnegie® foundational course in December 2022.

2022 marks the second time NHBP has invested in its Team Members by providing this course. In 2020, 18 other Team Members graduated from the Dale Carnegie foundation course.

According to its website, the Dale Carnegie program offers tools and techniques to help students with the five drivers of success: Self-Confidence, People Skills, Communication, Leadership, and Managing worry and stress. Learning how to fine-tune these skills is essential for every working professional.  

“This, in turn, helps each of them become more comfortable in uncomfortable situations, which then leads to better decision making and ultimately more positive interactions,” said NHBP Training and Development Manager Angela Collyer, THRP, who helped lead the course for the following NHBP Team Members:

Carter Bright

Chris Allen

Zach Zlotnicki

LaShelle Gumbs

Dr. Lisa Hoekstra

Jolane Conklin

Andrew Straatsma

Abbey Fuller

Kim Shafer

Tianna James

Amie Phillips

Charmaine Mandoka

True Dwyer

For Northern Office Business Office Manager Andrew Straatsma, MBA, it wasn’t necessarily specific skills he developed during the course, but rather, an “actualization. I further realized that everyone, no matter who they are or how you may perceive them, has gone through serious (and sometimes traumatic) life events that shaped them into the person they are today. Because of this, it is important to practice patience with those you interact with.”

NHBP Police Lieutenant Chris Allen, who has been with NHBP for nine years, notes some challenges he faces in Tribal Law Enforcement. This course has helped him break down these barriers.

“In my line of work, a lot of us tend to start building walls up between ourselves and others as the years pass. In my case, it was to the point where I had become extremely introverted in my personal life and did not really want to be around other people,” said Allen. “Dale Carnegie helped me understand that I am not alone in that area, and I have been working on being more outgoing. 

“The other area that Dale Carnegie has helped me with is public speaking. I hated public speaking, however; with my current career position I knew I would have to do it often. I am much more comfortable speaking in front of a group after taking this course.”

HHSD Clinical Manager Jolane Conklin, NP, notes that she has also increased her confidence in her speaking skills.

“I have always been comfortable with small groups that I am familiar with, but this has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and enabled me to be more comfortable with larger, less familiar groups,” said Conklin.

For NHBP Gaming Commission Licensing Manager and Tribal Member Amie Phillips, her biggest takeaways were about public speaking, as well as active listening.

“Right now, I have been using a lot of active listening. If someone comes into my office, I stop what I am doing and make sure I am getting the full detail of what they are saying.”

Phillips notes that this isn’t a simple trend, but something she will use in the future, as well as the public speaking skills she has acquired. “I will continue to use active listening and will begin being able to stand in front of my peers to speak and not hold back my concerns and opinions.”

Collyer appreciated watching the personal and professional growth of each participant.

“Not only did each participant grow as an individual during the 12-week course, but I also got to watch them grow closer together and form a bond of trust and support for one another,” said Collyer. “A strong, cohesive team is so important within an organization, and this class helped create that for this group.”

NHBP Northern Youth Specialist Tianna James agreed that the connection with Team Members was an important part of the program. “What I liked the most about the class was being able to connect and speak in front of so many different people from different walks of life!”

Collyer is hopeful “now that the course is over, each of them can take the skills they obtained and put them into action with each interaction they have, not only within our team but most importantly, with our Tribal Membership.”

Conklin recommends the program to others, stating, “You don’t have to be in any certain employment position to benefit from Dale Carnegie. You are a leader to someone somewhere in your life. Whether you’re looking to gain confidence, learn how to connect better with people or just try something new, the course has something for everyone.”

Allen adds to this recommendation: “If you want to better yourself with things like public speaking, stress relief, communication techniques, and memory, then you can’t go wrong with this course.”

The Human Resources department anticipates offering the foundational course again in 2024, pending interest and budget, as well as potentially offering the Leadership version, Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading, in the near future.


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